MAC Cosmetics Dubai

MAC Cosmetics has opened 3 new stores in Dubai shopping malls (press release 23 September 2009). New MAC store locations are:

There was also a new Al Ain MAC Cosmetics store opened. Sevices available at MAC Cosmetic stores include

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MAC Cosmetics Arabian Center Mirdif

MAC Cosmetics Arabian Center Mirdif

MAC Cosmetics store The Dubai Mall

MAC Cosmetics store The Dubai Mall

September 24th, 2009

59 Responses to “MAC Cosmetics Dubai”

  1. afshan says:

    I am interested in mac cosmetics products because of my beutysaloon.
    I want to order but i need you to give me your list price please.

    thanks for your coopration

  2. monica says:

    hi would like to know how much it would cost me to buy a professional make up kit

  3. Hend says:

    Hi There,
    I’m interested in taking makeup lessons in MAC!

  4. s.u.patel says:

    hi!i m interested in buying the mac compact.can u please let me know the price of the same in uae.thanks.

  5. samra says:

    i am doing my bachelor in marketing and advertisment and would want to work in mac cosmetics, i have been trying to apply for over a year but couldnt , want to know where to apply for it because im not getting through by giving the cv to the countre!

  6. Dinah says:

    Hi I am a proffesionell makeup artist and a hair stylist from sweden. I work at mac cosmetics in sweden in the city of Malmoe. I want some changes in my life, I want to work in dubai and only for a brand makeup that I love wich i Mac. If u contact me on my mail I can then send u an job application if it’s possible.

    Best regards


  7. Sara says:

    Heey I would like to know how much MAC products are usually sold for especially eye shadows, and since you can do people’s make up how much do you usually charge for a make up session.


  8. minou says:

    I was wondering if MAC plans to open a store in Tehran, Iran. Mac’s products are great and Iran is the world’s 7th when it comes to the use of cosmetic products. All the best, M

  9. Hala Treiky says:

    I would like to make a complaint about MAC’s very bad service in Oman/ Muscat stores.
    I requested a very specific product at one of MAC’s branches in Oman (City Center al Seeb), and to my surprise they gave me a different product from the one I asked for and on top of that they gave me a used product, with no receipt. I wrote a written complaint and gave it in at MAC’s store, but unfortunately I got no respond. I am very upset with this terrible and unprofessional service that MAC provides its customers with. We pay money for our product expecting to get the best service and not the worst.

  10. shirly briones says:

    I used to buy MAC products in Abu Dhabi, Marina Mall especially the dual face powder. Well, I want to go out and buy one from Dubai. I was trying to search store.Near me is Al Ghurair City but no MAC store. I will surely find one somewhere.

    From the day I started using cosmetics I found MAC in 2008 that is the best product for me. I love it more than body shop.

    keep it up!

  11. shirly briones says:

    Hi Hala…

    In every store and every staff there is always the “Slow Staff” what happened to you happened to me too in Marina MAll Abu Dhabi… I ask her to give me same the one which I bougth last time and gave her the empty one which is C35 ( MAC Studio Fix) B47 when I reached home I found that she handed to me C35 ( MAC Studio Fix ) B48 which is lighter. I just thought she missed it cause the rest of the items are correct. But I would suggest to choose better staff -communication and must be hard working to be considered. The staff are keep on chatting even there are costumers around. MAybe because I’m Asian.

  12. ade says:

    i wanna buy face and body make up kit,can you please tell me the price

  13. samira says:

    I’m interested in taking makeup lessons in Mac. please let me know how i can intend and the price of the courses.

  14. cristina says:

    Good afternoon,

    i would really like to join your team of make-up artist, so would really appreciate if you could tell me where i can send my cv, if possible.
    Thanks a lot.

  15. jane says:

    how do i become a distributer of mac products in kenya

  16. sabiha Sumar says:

    I am a film producer and director and would like to contact your Dubai office regarding my new feature film which is a German-UK – Pakistan co-production. The film is about fashion nad beauty and we would like to feature mac products in the film. My production designer will be in Dubai from 8th to 11th of October and i would like to schedule a meeting for her with a marketing person who could deal with our request.

    Kindly let me know at the earliest.
    Thank you
    Sabiha Sumar

  17. Inna says:

    greetings from Russia!
    I’d like to inquire about make up artist position at any store in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. I’m professional make up artist/hair/ bridal stylist. longing to live and work in UAE in the near future.
    would be happy to get any information how and where to apply. there is no feedback here…
    thanks in advance.
    Regards, Inna

  18. negar seddigh says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    i’m intrested in mac cosmetic products becouse of my beauty salon . i would be glad if you send your price list.please send your list as soon as possible.

    Best Regards

  19. Ash says:


    I had purchased my studio finish concealer from deira city center ….i had asked them from less then N42 …but when i reached home i used it and i realised the one she gave me was a darken tone for my skin ….very dark NC45. The staff need to be attentive to customers and not ignore if they are Asians.
    Its a waste as my complexion is not even close to the NC45.

    This is a big disappointment.

  20. cook says:

    hello would like to know if you do any waterproof make up, Foundation preferable, as new to wheather and would like to always look my best without my foundation coming off all over the place.

    Thank you

  21. sahar says:

    hi.i love mac cosmetic
    i have qustions price of your products,because price in maccosmetic site is more lower than price in ur shop(my hosband buy 4 me from dubei mall)
    and near the price in tehran
    and not resonable and very expensive
    please leave me yu price in dubai

  22. Kiran,Dubai says:

    Hi,I’m a big big makeup holic n mac is my choice now.I wanna buy a miniral loose powder of mac can i know its price and is there any priamer available which v can apply b4 foundation? Is any stores of urs located in sharjah also?

  23. s.lakhi says:

    hey could u please tell me about the internship programs for mac. i professioally do makeup but in another country . I have currently ccompleted my portfolio in makeup shoots .im workign on a proffessional studio . lookign for high fashion makeup experince here in dubai . could u be of any help .u have my email.let me know please 🙂

  24. asha says:

    hi!i m interested in buying the mac compact.can u please let me know the price of the same in uae.thanks.

  25. Richa shah says:

    hey . i want to buy eye pencil black color dark one can u please tell me the rate .. and if i want than how it is possible

  26. cognac says:

    heya ,
    could any one tell me if any of these mac stores in dubai is a
    pro stores.I need the body and face tint and any idea on how much it would

  27. barez says:

    i m interested in worrking in mac as a make up artist..
    how can i apply?
    barez dubai

  28. nnajiofor p says:

    hi iwant to know the price of mac studiofix plus foundation in dubai

  29. ash says:

    hii can u plz letme knw the price of studio fix foundation n concealer….. n pigments too…

  30. lisa kitololo says:


    I am interested in M.A.C products for purposes of stocking a shop in y country. Please give me contact details and price list

  31. Maria says:

    I’ve been looking forward to purchase a primer,a concealer and blush on from MAC, can u please advise me the rate, just to have an idea about it. Thanks for your attention though.

  32. E Jac says:

    MAC staff at the stores in Dubai are discourteous with poor customer relationships and not attentive, especially at Mirdiff City center, please teach them courtesy.

  33. Nimra says:

    Are there any MAC make up classes available during this summer?

  34. reza says:

    I would like to buy some MAC cosmetics from your sore and i want to know that in witch way i can transfer money to you, because i am in Iran-Tehan.
    please guide me and send your price list if it is possible.(especially eye brushes price list) and an other question, do you have store in Tehran?
    I was wondering if MAC plans to open a store in Tehran, because Iran is the world’s 7th when it comes to the use of cosmetic products.
    finally i ma interested in being your distributor branch in Iran-Tehran.

  35. Emebet Hailu says:

    I want to retail MAC product. My shop is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and I am coming to Dubai on Friday the 2nd of September. Can you please tell me where in Dubai does sell MAC as a whole seller.
    Thank you

  36. SUE says:

    i wud like to take make-up classes (re- fresher caurse) wit mac wea in dxb can gt that….plz advice.sue

  37. cleo says:

    Do you have any MAC stores in Fujairah.. Is it possible to courier some of the products to Fujairah, coz I stay here and would really love to purchase the studio fix, prep+ primer, etc. Could you let me know the prices in AED as well… Thanks a lot!!!
    I cant really travel all the way to Dubai, esp wid my new born and toddler, hope you can help me out!

  38. HUMO says:

    Do MAC sell in Muscat?

  39. HUMO says:

    Does MAC have a store in Sohar Oman?

  40. Aisha says:


    I would like a contact number in UAE to whom i can talk to, requesting a makeup artist for a photoshoot.


  41. kanza says:

    hello i want to say that i have done BBA(hons) in marketing so i want to do sale job in ur store if u have any vacancy do contact me.please i have send lots of emails before bt no response
    i will wait for ur response

    thank you

  42. May Lao says:

    For crying out loud, I thought the Asian discrimination is just my issue with MAC, looks like am not alone..and mind you when I went there last night at MAC Deira City Center with my two kids. No one even bother to show me the make up that I want and even there was a lady who’s taken interest with others, who are M.E’s are given attention, and me it’s like try that one or that one there, but nobody bothers to suggest any better. Even my daughter notice it and she said they are so rude mom.. Haaaiss, even the fat asian filipino saleslady standing didn’t bother to disapointing, I hope this MAC people will learn their lesson, you how referals could turn into wildfire, I’m sure some bloggers will wake them up, And I just noticed, is this happening because they are connected to Nivea, who apparently just think that they have the license to discriminate dark skin people, I hope they are not..

  43. Dr.Tasmim says:

    why don’t you open MAC store in Fujirah cause all MAC stores are collected in one pare of UAE that is the westren and middle parts of the country (only in Dubai and AbuDhabi) while the other emirates (includes RAK, Om ALqueen, Fujirah, Shrjah and Ajman ) are all lake of MAC stores
    I am from Fujirah and if I would like to get mac products I would have to drive 4 hours/day to Dubia
    please now there are the century mall in Fujirah and the city center try to arrange a store there

  44. Aisha says:

    Hey there! this is Aisha..i live in dubai and really interested in takin’ makeup lessons! being a makeup artist is my dream and passion! please let me know if u provide any specific course or classes along with the charges and required details!

    Thank You!

  45. Liv R says:

    Im a professional make up artist working in Serbia for ten years having experience in make up for photo shootings,fashion make up, beauty make up, etc…is there any possibility to apply for a job for make up artist at M.A.C.?
    Thank you

  46. Ellechim says:

    Hi I am currently working for MAC philippines. I am very interested of working in Dubai area for MAC. How can I apply

  47. Maslyna Sabry says:

    Hello.. Can I have MAC makeup in Dubai email address? Because I would like to submit my resume as a Trainer.

    Thanks & regards

  48. Lamya says:

    i would like to know when the MAC store history in the UAE

    Thank you

  49. Sabina Imran says:

    Hello. I went to the MAC store in Arabian Center a few days ago and tried on a lipgloss.When I tried it I thought the color was quiet light, but being in a hurry I just bought it. Today I went to go exchange the lipgloss for another one,(because I wanted a darker color), but the woman working at that time kept insisting that I had used the lipgloss.
    After arguing for a while she tried convincing me to keep it because it was a new collection or something. I was fasting and was not in the mood to fight. All I wanted to do was exchange a lipgloss! In the US, they would never have even questioned me, and would just have exchanged it. If you are not willing to exchange a product, why even have an exchange policy? The customer service is also very bad at the MAC store in Arabian Center, & they dont even help the customers. I am a regular customer & was very dissapointed , and will not buy any more MAC products from this store atleat.

  50. Aroosh says:

    I like to buy eye shadow kit please let me know the price for full eye shadow kit.

  51. Anne says:

    hi! i am really getting addict!! please tell me how much does it cost im planning to buy studio fix foundation, the studio concealer, mac lipstick, bb primer, or do you have a list of prices of your MAC products. Please let me know.

  52. Diala Iskandarani says:

    I’m a Syrian girl, interested in makeup, I took a course and got a certificate with an excellent degree for makeup. I would like to apply for any vacancy in Dubai. Please if you don’t mind contact me on my e-mail address to send you the CV and a copy of my makeup certificate.

    Thank you,

  53. Praveena Nair says:

    Hi Mac team
    We are launching the first of its kind event on Makeup Artistry in Dubai and would like to invite MAC as a key showcase for cosmetics.Whom should we contact in Dubai MAC?
    This event will have all top Make up artists from Cine field particicpating and showcasing the latest trends.
    Product wise we feel MAC should lead the show.

  54. asema says:

    Hello i will be in UAE trip soon i whould like know price list of M.A.C products?
    cose im gonna buy from Dubai


  55. shanujaansari says:

    Islamslakum.hi,i have 5 years experience in cosmetics fiuld.please give me one chance to work in mac cosmetics i am very interested to work with you.i have been trying to more time but no respond.please reply me.

  56. Supriya Gandhi says:

    hi i want to apply as a makeup artist in MAC in Dubai .Pls reply

  57. Ruhul Amin says:

    Hi thus is Amin. I would like to how can i apply to achieve dealership for MAC cosmetics?

  58. angela. from nigeria says:

    I intend opening a cosmetics shop in abuja nigeria, how do I get supplies from you.

  59. dorsa hejri says:

    hey i dont have exprience for doing make up thing in salons but i know all of them proffesionelly make up for face even hairs so i wanna work with your compony i know every think about make up what kind of colours that custumers can use even what they can do to fix there make up so i can teach them i saw every kind programs also i search alote for it i wonther i f i can work with your compony its gone be my best thing that do it plzzzzzzzzzzzzz send me a email so that i can find a jod in yours ………… thank u

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